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MP3 Version

The MP3 version of Christian Hymns contains the complete words (in searchable PDF format) and an MP3 version of every hymn in the hymnbook (it does not contain the music score). The MP3 has been played on the piano and is available to load into an MP3 player such as an iPod or simply use on a computer (using iTunes or Microsoft Media Player).

How can you use the MP3 Christian Hymns?
The MP3 files are essentially music files that can be played on a computer or MP3 player. They are intended to be used with a copy of the hymnbook. There are many uses for the MP3 version of Christian Hymns. Here are some examples:

  • For uses in churches without a musician
    There are many smaller churches who do not have anyone to play a piano or other instrument. Now there is no longer any need to sing unaccompanied! Simply load the complete hymnbook onto an MP3 player - such as an Apple iPod, and play using speakers (such as the ones shown in the picture) or through the PA system. Any hymn can be chosen!
  • For personal devotions
    Why not sing a hymn as part of your private devotions, or with your family. Choose any hymn, and use your copy of the hymnbook to sing along. The MP3 files can be played on any computer or MP3 player.
  • For small or house groups
    Want to sing a hymn at a small group meeting - for example a ladies' coffee morning? No problem. Bring along some hymnbooks, your MP3 player and a small external speaker then anyone in the group can choose any hymn.
  • To help in choosing of hymns
    Do you have to choose hymns for a service, but you cannot play an instrument. Simply use your computer or MP3 player to listen to the tunes for the hymns. This will help you choose the best tune for each hymn.
  • For musicians to practice with
    Are you part of a music group that plays at meetings. Now you can practice your instrument at home using the MP3 files.

We are sure that there will be many other uses!

Are there sample MP3 files that I can listen to?
Yes - just select the link below and listen to these sample file.


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