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The following are available:
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CORRECTED MP3 Files To download an MP3 'right click' buttons and 'save as'
Hymn 673  - Nearer my God to Thee MP3 MP3 update instructions
Hymn 203  - Earth Was Waiting MP3    
Hymn 203  - Earth Was Waiting Words MP3 Score
Hymn 208 - Let Earth and Heaven Combine Words MP3 Score

Hymn 642 - May the mind of Christ my Saviour

Words MP3 Score

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Christian Hymns consists of over 942 hymns, of which 235 are new hymns with about 190 that were in the previous edition now omitted.

Christian Hymns is published by the Evangelical Movement of Wales and the Christian Hymns Committee. It is distributed by 10ofThose or can be purchased from this web site.

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